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Volunteer of the Year - Valeria Silva

Laredo Main Street is happy to announce our Volunteer of the Year: 2020 Jefferson Award, Valeria Silva. Valeria devoted her time to the growth of and development to the Farmers Market for four years, traveling by public transportation some times just to serve the community. Her Public service to downtown Laredo has assisted with the development of a local sustainable food system. Her efforts have directly contributed to the growth Laredo Main Streets's volunteer base, market, and vendor business. Having committed public servants such as herself directly contributes to the re-development of downtown of downtown Laredo.

Valeria's service has not only been beneficial to the community but to her personal life as well. Through her public service, she has developed courage to accomplish things she once thought were unattainable. She had hesitated to apply to large colleges because she feared she did not have what it took. However, as her confidence grew, she was able to apply to the University of Texas at Austin and was accepted to her school of choice. Laredo Main Street has seen this outstanding individual as a role model for our downtown community. Congratulations on being Laredo Main Streets Volunteer of the Year: 2020 Jefferson Award recipient.

Evelyn Sames, Cassia J. Jantz, Juan Molina, Julia Rubio, Valeria Silva, Monserat Bedolla, Dr. Julio Madrigal, Nubia Gonzalez, Louis "Big Lou" Ramirez, Hank Rose, Jogn Maxstadt, Carolyn M. Schimes, Patricia Ayala, The Saldivar Brothers, Rogelio G. Trevino, Mary T. Trevino.


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