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Historic 1882 house in downtown Laredo renovated

Article by: Louise San Miguel / Laredo Morning Times

Another historic home in downtown Laredo has been rejuvenated to its former glory.

It has been christened "La Mansion Villa Rreal" by the new owners. The name is a play on the family name of the new owners and the Spanish phrase that translates roughly into "Royal House".

Purchased by long-time business owner Joe Villarreal, the house will be used as a showroom for two local boutiques: Atelier and Twinkle Twinkle children's boutique.

Standing in the historic St. Peter's district at 1701 Houston St, the house was featured at a Historic Block Party that occurred June 8.

The homeowners also want the house to serve as a place for local artists to congregate and share their work and socialize with each other.

The building was originally built in 1882 by Miles Cogley, president of the Tex-Mex railroad. Before it came under the ownership of the Villarreal family, it served as an administrative building for the Vidal M. Trevino magnet school. When the magnet school left downtown Laredo in 2015, it was put on the market, finally selling in 2018


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