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Downtowns are sometimes described as the living rooms of our cities, and Laredo’s downtown is no exception, the very heart of the community and our visitors’ first impression when they arrive.  With that in mind, the City of Laredo, in partnership with Laredo Main Street, is working on making Laredo’s Living Room especially appealing and attractive, both to the visitor who is passing through and to the shopper, who comes to our downtown stores, restaurants and other places of business.

Downtown Laredo merchants who would like to do more to attract shoppers to their stores now have Downtown Façade Improvement Grant Program to help them do that, this project is a cooperative venture between the City of Laredo’s Community Development Department and Laredo Main Street. And the project couldn’t have come at a better time, as the City of Laredo continues to move forward with an ambitious comprehensive plan, Plan Viva Laredo. One of the main ideas that surfaced throughout the many work sessions conducted by the planners: a strong commitment to Downtown Laredo bolstered by an equally strong interest in revitalizing the downtown community via improved facades, improved walkability venues, and improved street designs.

The Downtown Façade Improvement Grant Program is designed to rekindle interest in Downtown Laredo by providing funds that will help the downtown property owner refresh their business property.  The grant will provide up to $25,000 in grant funds to commercial property owners in the Laredo Main Street District, Arts and Entertainment District, and Central Business District to restore building facades and enhance the building’s overall exterior appearance.


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